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Published on September 4th, 2013 | by Dr Moses P Fraser, MD


Telexfree Review-Should you invest your hard earned money?


Telexfree review-The full story

In this Telexfree Review  I will show that there are many legitimate things about this program that users can consider. And I will also talk about the cons and what you need to be aware of so you can make your own informed decision.

Telexfree review-Company Background

telexfree reviewThis Telexfree Review reveals a program that has historically been based in Brazil and allows many  individuals to make money using a sophisticated communications network consisting of Voip services. The program was started by noted telecommunications pioneers. Telex Free was launched in Brazil in 2012.

The company was formerly only open to Brazilian and south American clients but is now available in the United States. The US founder of the program is James Merrill an economics grad, of Marlborough Massachusetts. He combined his business knowledge with technology to launch the Telex Free System. Prior to announcing the name Telex free the program was known as Common cents communications and was headquartered in Brazil. Merrill combined with Carlos Wanzler, a Brazilian founder to make this system available for users and marketers.

TelexFree is a multi level marketing company that uses the binary compensation plan. Those that use this system know that it provides state of the art marketing and communication services offered all over Brazil and the United States.This service offers VOIP communication service that meet a world wide standard for communication.
They also allow their users to make toll free video calls using cellular and internet technology.

Telexfree review- Cost To Join?

You can join telexfree either as a customer or as a  business affiliate. When you join as a customer , you pay $49.99/month to allow you to use
the VOIP services to make calls all over the world.To me this is a no brainer . Their long distance and international telephone services is still
very competitive.

When join as a business affiliate , you may join by buying an adcentral pack that cost $285 .But to be able to earn income without sponsoring , you will need to have at least one customer base at the $49.99 level. This customer can be yourself or any other person wanting to use the telexfree services.

You can also become a business affiliate of telexfree by purchasing the family adcentral which is 5 time the adcentral pack at $1425.You can
also become a team lead by buying 11  family adcentral pack usually this should be done within 60 days of becoming a member.

Telexfree review-Pros

The Telexfree program has worked for many marketers who  have and continue to make money using this method. One can create sustainable wealth through advertising on free classified website. This is one of the conditions to be able to earn income -you got to place number of ads per day based on your level of entry.
It is a product that has many proponents. Telexfree is popular with consumers because they can talk freely from their cellphones and land lines to other carriers around the world without any additional charges other than the 49.99 for the software package. This is one reason why this program is so popular with people that use it. The compensation plan is based on the number of products sold, as well as users that sign up. The best part of the service is that it uses free classified websites, and free exchange lists to advertise the product.

Telexfree review -Cons

As with any business opportunity that combines both recruiting and passive model, there will always be lots of noises as to whether it is legitimate or not.
Some people think that the  program is simply a pyramid scheme that has not real defined marketing plan.Of course if you go to google or to youtube , you will have many opinions. The company has a legit product . However because of the semi passive nature of the compensation plan , many think that the numbers do not add up for the kind of money they pay out and therefore maybe a ponzi scheme.But you kind of wonder if, it is really a ponzi, will they be allowed into the United States to run a business? Well I don’t believe it is a scam or ponzi. This is based on the fact that they have a legitimate product and also have an multilevel part to the business model.

However, you must make your own research on telexfree.

One of the things that concerns me though is the fact that ,TelexFree has faced problems in Brazil where recent court action has given TelexFree a  stop and cease production order.This is because  Some say they can not get customer support, however here in the United State their customer service is top notch .

Telexfree review-So Is this a scam?

As with any businesses , you need to do your due diligence before you join. What if this is not scam and real business? Again in any business there is rick involve

whether it is passive income model or even franchise. If you are afraid to lose money in business then don’t even invest at all, just find a secure job and chill.

Those who are afraid it is a scam will continue to

remain on the side of the line still struggling to make any money online, whilst the bold and entrepreneurs make all the money with telexfree.
In conclusion, I will say that in this telexfree review, I leave the question open for the individual to make their own decision.

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About the Author

is first and foremost a Board Certified Hospitalist Physician and online entrepreneur. After the long and daunting hours it takes to be a Hospitalist Physician, it really began to hit home, as I found himself, like so many others searching for a better way.

93 Responses to Telexfree Review-Should you invest your hard earned money?

  1. Bottomline is …….there is no business that gives you GUARANTEES !! and no investment that is full proof. This said, do your research and go with your “gut-feel”.

    REMEMBER THIS….everything starts with a beginning. All great enterprises started from the ground.
    Many MLM companies are successful today – the likes of AMWAY, HERBALIFE and many more. TELEXFREE may just be the next. great business opportunity. They recently acquired VOXBRAS in Brazil, which on of the leading companies dedicated to cable tv, internet and phone services.

    In my opinion, they are expanding there product range and i believe that within the next couple of years they will have made more aquisitions in other countries. And why do i say this?

    Because the TELEXFREE network is growing worldwide.

    This is our opinion. You have the right to yours. But before judging, do your homework.

    Your most welcome to visit http:// or take a browse throught our presentation. (

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      My review of telex free was just giving facts. I am not saying telexfree is a scam.
      I am just telling people to do their own due diligence before joining any business especially the
      passive income or semi passive income model . This is because the risk involve is higher than other
      Internet marketing business.

      • Arkhou says:

        I’m a promoter joined TelexFREE business about one month later since after its
        national conference in LA. It took me only a second to decide join my west team. The reason it made so short to decision, I thought about how if i try with my $339.99 account package. This small amount lead my belief into this home business of achieving more than triple to now. This little investment could predict how successfully if one put more than that into TelexFREE business.

        My concern as many wonders about US TelexFREE would be similar to the scandal in Brazil, I assume we don’t if one really be knowledgeable about how TelexFREE’s strategies and plan is positive in business.

        Thanks, and wish TelexFREE will lead someone to a successful future.

  2. Joanne T says:

    Is the 1425.00 an annual payment? or a one time fee

    • aima says:

      hi Joanne, 1425 for contract 13 month. Afterthat, u have to renew a contract.

    • Arkhou says:

      I would not really make confusion, I assume $1425 is annual contract.
      To make sure TelexFREE is legal and rightfully doing its business, I would presume $1425 is also included $50 member fee, and enclosure with a 50-99Voip package. Please overview with the description of the registration form on telexFREE webpage.


  3. Marcos says:

    Very true time will tell.. I do have to say opportunity comes once in a life time and risk takers only take advantage… I’m in and making great money… Scared money don’t make money…

    The End…

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      Read my post carefully again because I believe in every business, there is a risk and the timid will never make any money.Telexfree is making folks money.

  4. limuy taing says:

    I still hesitated to invest in telexfree… there are many unclear situation about it in mine.
    when i just think about a big amount of money which can earn easily, i really want to invest then i am starting to think…. in this life is there anything we can get easily like that…

    may i ask u 1 question…. is it an untruth company?
    I search many website then it said telexfree was close in brezil… n it is under investigate of USA, is it real?

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      if you are hesitant then do not join…you must always do your due diligence but also follow your
      “gut” feelings.
      take care

  5. Angel says:

    Very well put!

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      I know many are making lots of fuss about telexfree, but just like with any passive or semipassive programs, you are bound to see and hear such comments and to me the bottom-line is simple
      , if you are afraid to lose money, don’t build any business .But at the same everyone must do their own due diligence before joining any business. That way you assume 100% responsibility.

  6. bassey says:

    i really believed that making money is an individual thing, nobody need to force money into someone hands. i have tested telexfree for just 5days and i can tell that the company is good and is putting smile into many faces it is a matter of choice. I want to thank Dr Moses P. Fraser for taking time to educate us on this.
    telexfree is real friends.

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      I just gave my opinion based on research I have done. Now things are changing with the products…more being added and so will do an update once i get all the facts.

  7. joe odman says:

    If i invest 1425 us $ and do my homework 7 days a week buying the announces how much money can i transfer to my account monthly?
    No risk no gain !!! no pain no gain !!!

  8. kathy says:

    im interested in telexfree. where are you based in. I need a promoter that will be able to help with my contacts

  9. chryx says:

    Please I want to join telexfree as soon as posibble but I don’t understand the 50 liences.please educate me well on it that’s my only strain

  10. cleste says:

    Which other companies operarte in the same way started earlier than telex free and are international. I do not want to put my eggs in one basket.

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      email me for more info as I do not post such info on my blog since this is not the purpose of my blog

  11. Taylor says:


    If I may I was hesitant too about joining this advertising business but in time (about 5 weeks now) I’m making minimum $700 a week!!! This is real and totally legit. I’m growing faster every week! !! I’ve calculated in a few months I’ll buy my porsche!!!!

  12. Carlos says:

    Hi there,

    We are thrilled with Telexfree in Miami, Fl. Our team Cashusa is growing fast and strong. Our success is based on team work and continuous training and support. If you are interested in joining a winning team then email us to:

  13. Hello Moses;
    I’m so happy to have found your blog today. I have joined telexfree about 4 months ago. I live in Alexandria, VA, and it has been very struggling for me, since I don’t know nobody involved on this business in my area. For three times I traveled over to Massachusetts with a propose to get some training or even have a new account activation . But I figured I was wasting my time, especially because the lieders over there were too busy to give a new affiliate enough attention. I even went to Orlando”s presentation, by myself last September with a propose to meet other groups as well.. I wondering if there is any group in Maryland or Virginia that I can ingress in and have a better support and assitence?? Thank you for your attention…Sincerely Olga Cisternino

  14. ishengoma says:

    hello Dr Moses,
    am a Tanzanian, if i want to transfer money from my telexfree account to my local bank account, what steps do i need to follow?

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      you can use your ewallet system. send an email to ewallet and they will be able to direct you.

  15. Steve says:

    I’m a risker taker. Looking to join the team. I am interested and willing.

  16. bbosa david says:

    I would like to open ten accounts of 1425
    Kindly guide me on how i can join your team
    Am from uganda

  17. Felix says:

    Hi Dr , i have heard that this company is now going to open mobile phones services calling over 80 countries is this true? as this will now seal that they are growing to be big company

  18. whoah this weblog is wonderful i like reading your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You realize, a lot of persons are searching around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  19. Connie says:

    Hello, dr Moses.
    I just tried to send the money from back office to the bank. But I am forget to put the bank information. But it successful to send it. Was the money hasn’t return back. Will it be return back? Thanks in advance.

  20. Renato says:

    I am a promoter at Telexfree and use this site to create my Ads.. Its a amazing tool.

  21. reginald phanord says:

    good doctor!

  22. Am already in the business for three months but i have earned money which i have never earned so far. So people take your bold stand and invest in this business.

  23. Thrilled to see how TelexFREE is taking off worldwide. Our team alone has expanded by 73% in the last three months. And why?? TelexFree promoters are seeing results !!
    2014 is going to be a fantastic year for TelexFREE.

    • Arkhou says:

      As a TelexFREE promoter, I assume if TelexFREE is concave down, we all will incline.
      I believe we all doing the right things to make money, and to save more in life.
      However, governance is not always the money, but power, or authorities.

      Thanks budies

      • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

        we are all excited about what 2014 will bring to us in telexfree.
        Keep up the momentum.

  24. alex says:

    Very interesting site!

  25. Jean Luc says:

    Hello Dr.Moses,
    I have been hearing about Telexfree, and i read your blog with the comments. It looks like I am interested to join, as well, i would like to have someone to guide me and hopefully i can join your winning team.
    please contact me

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      Jean I just sent you a skype as soon as you approve me we can get on skype and will help you.
      2014 will be the best year

  26. Peace says:

    I would like to join Telexfree but would like to know how to and what is needed from me as a first time person.

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      Please contact me on skype drmosesrickfraser or my email and will walk you through it.

  27. Gabie Nic says:

    I Joined Telexfree last October….I have earned the kind of money that I have never seen online. Telexfree is making millionaires here in Uganda, moreover it is taxfree earning.This opportunity is real, waste no time procrastinating, start building your team now my friend

  28. Damian says:

    Hi Dr. Fraser, can you send me the link and information on how to start the Telexfree

  29. i want to join the club of winners,may i know how to start.

  30. Sovannara says:

    I jointed telexfree last 3 month and hoped that I will recovered my seed at least within 4 month. However, the magic have happen many people follow me and I can’t imagin that I am already in profit just in short time. the thing that I can not believe is that by sponsor was very poor guy he was a homeless at the early of last year and after he jointed telexfree about two month he convinced me to joint it too but I refused to do so because as all your guy knew that online business is just a dream. Today may sponsor earning 5,000 per day could you believe that? and he has members around this asia. It is true business guy!, please do not make mistake like me if I joint since the beginning when my sponsor invited me today I would earn at least like him.
    Sovannara from Cambodia

  31. Phelipe says:

    I actually Joined TelexFree about 3 Months ago.
    If there is one advice i can give to you, it would be this one….
    If you have the money, and you know that if you lose it that it wont interrupt you in your life as far as putting food on the table and paying the bills… Take the risk. For me at least. It was worth it. Within 14 weeks i got my $1400 Back and now its just extra cash in my wallet.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it does it.
    Just make sure you know there is no GUARANTEE. Its a risk you have to take.

  32. WIILY COLÓN says:

    I am a Promoter with TelexFree and I believe their idea of business model is unique and very attractive for those who want to start a home-based business and are not able to recruit others, or are just new into the Network Marketing businesses.

    I have created a TelexFree room for anyone from any group that may have technical or eWallet issues. We are a group of Promoters from different teams helping others. My personal Skype room is Talk2ThePlanet, but the HELP room is a group type room “TEAM_TelexFree Troubleshooting” If you are not able to find it, just add me as your Skype friend on my personal Skype room and I will add you to our room.

  33. Paul Orone Bryan says:

    Am one week old and today the system is down i have not announced. However am happy to be here.

  34. danny says:

    Im interested in telexfree please email me at

  35. Racheal says:

    i have just joined a week ago, and am so optimistic. thanks

  36. Godfrey says:

    I put in money recently in december last year and so far i have reocered 25% of what i invested!
    thanks telexfree.

  37. nick says:

    You can never trust someone who is related to something to give that something unbiased opinion…

  38. Rachel says:

    Good information sir.
    Thank u!

  39. Bob Yang says:

    I just joined telexfree a couple weeks ago. I’m blogging about my entire experience, the good and the bad. Did i get paid? Is telexfree a scam? Find out, thanks!

  40. colin says:

    Hi im from australia can i join to? if i buy the package is ther a risk of losing my own money?

  41. Joseph says:

    With all due respect Dr. Fraser, your article can hardly be considered unbiased and objective, especially when you consider the fact that you are a current Telexfree distributor. Moreover, your article fails to make any mention of the fact that Telexfree was shut down in Brazil by the government and is currently being investigated for illegal business practices. I really don’t care if Telexfree is a legitimate business or not, i simply take issue with your biased perspective being masqueraded as objective reporting.

  42. Maureen says:

    HI Dr

    I’m in South Africa and i would like to know how to invest in Telexfree.

  43. Omari says:

    Hi am omari from tanzania,and my question is how or in which way they can send my commission in every weeek?or if you have further information about that please.thank you

  44. samantha says:

    Hi doc….well am interested in joining a friend of mine told me about it but didn’t do well in explaining. Can I please know how much I need to start with, what I need to do and how much I get per week. Thanks

  45. Heidi says:

    What is the least amount you can invest? and usually what is the profit after a couple of weeks?

  46. max says:

    hi..i heard there is new compensation plan.would you please care to explain this new plan???

  47. reuben norman says:

    Doc, thanks for your comments. I have done many network marketing business and people lose their initial investment when they quit because the products dont sell and they dont earn the money as promised. TelexFREE tries to correct this and enables the promoters by buying back the products not sold each week at a small fee. So the promoter is not left empty handed. I think its a genius system as it keeps the promoters afloat as they work to build their business networks. Does that make TelexFREE a Scam? Also they have a product – a VoIP Software. Further more who says that if one is making a lot of money in a business then its suspicious? maybe its the rich who have brain washed us to think that way. I would say just get in and make money and if you lose your money that’s business, there are no guarantees in business – you can lose money at the stock exchange or in a chicken business, does that make them scams?. the rich get rich and then try to block others. Opportunities like TelexFREE are freeing the poor and the ordinary people. People are working by posting adverts and getting enough to pay off mortgages and other loans, etc, freeing many from the slavery of debt. So while others keep posting blogs and articles that “TelexFREE is being investigated” others are earning money and paying off their debts and improving their financial health. Having a court case does not make a company a Scam, most large corporations have ongoing or past court cases including the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, etc does that make them Scams? MLM or Network Marketing is an empowering business model and I think its the fastest way to share wealth in any society. Better than the large corporations declaring large profits which end up in the pockets of a few super rich. Let’s do TelexFREE and when the super-rich use their political muscles to shut it down we say “it was a good ride”

  48. Ar28 says:

    My own opinion, i make 1k every week with telexfree, i do my own research and i took the risk… is like we said, if you never take the risk you never know if works or not

    • Dr Moses P Fraser, MD says:

      yep..if you never risk you will never make money or be successful in anything in this life.of course when it comes to business, do your own research and then take action.

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    impressed! Extremely useful info specially the last part :) I care for such information a lot.

    I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank
    you and good luck.

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